Communications dishSince 2005 G.O.O.D. Communications International has been promoting advanced technologies. We donated advanced communications technology to a peace training organization which honored us to witness actual results that peace is possible in this world no matter what region individuals come from. In 2006 Goodcom, Inc. was formed to facilitate energy efficiency and then environmental technology. Goodcom, Inc. created the Global Clean Air Project in 2007 to expedite the facilitation of environmentally friendly energy technologies worldwide. Our global efforts and research has lead to the realization that through good communications, education and business training can be the key to helping lay the foundation for more peace in the world. It is clear that a healthier environment should be beneficial to everyone, and the environmental technologies Goodcom is facilitating will also help to promote worldwide education and entrepreneurial business training. Proposals have been made to the United Nations and are being made to energy companies worldwide. Goodcom is diligently pursuing all options to position itself as an environmentally friendly energy company that can benefit billions of people, plants, and animals worldwide.